Alvey bumpless case turner keeps it gentle

FKI Logistex has launched the Alvey bumpless case turner, designed to gently handle and selectively turn fragile products requiring higher-speed case turning when moving into a palletizing operation. The Alvey bumpless case turner is provided as an upgrade to most of the Alvey palletizer line.

By eliminating the bump-turning impact of conventional case turning methods, the Alvey bumpless case turner provides an ideal system for case handling during palletizing. It is also designed for the beverage and meatpacking industries, which often require “label-out” or “bar code-out” case turning for retail display.

The Alvey bumpless case turner employs patent-pending technology to create a speed differential under the cases that can selectively and accurately generate negative 90°, positive 90°, 180°, and 270° case-turns. It has a maximum throughput of 72 cases per minute.

For more information, phone FKI Logistex at 314-993-4700 or e-mail [email protected].

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