AmeriCold Upgrades i-3PL with Version 3.0

AmeriCold Logistics has announced i-3PL Version 3.0, which offers new and improved features that let users search, drill down, and view data on line. AmeriCold continues to support both the previous version of i-3PL at and Version 3.0 at New features of Version 3.0 include:

- Real-time data: Users will now have access to real-time data using direct data access tools.

- Instant alerts: Users can be alerted by e-mail as soon as events occur, such as order cuts and product balance changes.

- Wireless i-3PL: Order status and product balances are available from any hand-held wireless device with Internet access.

- New Java-enabled servers: The new servers are faster, more reliable, and more secure. Java plug-ins allow more complex and powerful applications to be built into the site.

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