ATA hails highway authorization progress

Bill Graves, American Trucking Associations president and chief executive officer, applauded the release of a highway authorization proposal from Reps John Mica and John Duncan. He issued this statement:

“ATA appreciates the herculean effort of Chairman Mica and Subcommittee Chairman Duncan to craft a comprehensive six-year reauthorization proposal in the face of very difficult fiscal realities.

“Like other highway interests, ATA would like to see a more robust bill, but we believe the current funding constraints are forcing an important refocusing of the surface transportation program on core programs in the national interest, as well as a greater emphasis on improving program efficiency and performance.

“We are very pleased to see the level and type of reforms Chairman Mica lays out, particularly those prohibiting tolling of existing Interstates; maintaining funding for highway safety programs; maintaining a policy of no earmarks; eliminating requirements on states to fund non-highway activities; and consolidating programs.

“We look forward to reviewing the details of the entire bill in the near future and hope those details address other critical issues like truck productivity and advancing ATA’s strong safety agenda.”

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