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Auto-dimming LED light bar a bright system

A new external status indicator for trailer refrigeration systems has been introduced by Carrier Transicold, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The Auto-dimming LED light bar's built-in sensor intelligently adjusts light output to match variable outdoor conditions. Brighter than incandescent bulbs, the unit's two 12-light LED arrays shine brilliantly in bright and direct sunlight, even in snow or against white and reflective backgrounds. For less glare and safer operation, they dim at night.

Mounted on the front of a trailer, behind the driver for visibility in the rear-view mirror, the Auto-dimming LED light bar provides instant feedback about single- and multi-temp refrigeration systems: green for normal refrigeration system operation and amber when a check is required. The warning mode works in sync with Carrier's standard and Advance microprocessor controls.

The light bar actually draws 80% less power than other units, and long-life LEDs eliminate the need for conventional bulb changes. The light bar can be bracket-mounted or attached directly to the front of a trailer or in recessed applications. It's sealed to prevent water intrusion into the electronics. With an adapter, it can also replace warning units used in other refrigeration systems.

E-mail Jon Shaw at [email protected] for more information.

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