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Backup warning system alerts driver audibly, visually

Superior Signals Inc's Guardian Alert Model 1700 back-up warning system has a microwave radar sensor and a dual alarm system. The Model 1700 alerts drivers audibly with a 95-decibel interior indicator and visually with three LEDs.

The sensor, which rests in an environmentally sealed housing, mounts to the rear center of a vehicle and is wired to the vehicle's reverse light system. The alarm, which mounts in the driver's compartment, plugs into the sensor wire. Detection range extends about eight feet across the width of the vehicle and about 36' up and another 36' down from the center of the sensor mount, totaling 6 feet. The alarm sounds only when an object enters or is detected in zones of 3, 6, and 12 feet, which is factory-adjustable.

For more information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

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