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Bar's catalog has the lines for vehicle upkeep

Users can find the vehicle maintenance, repair, and cleaning chemicals they need in Bar's Products' new 2003 product catalog. This color catalog showcases four product lines:

  • Bar's Leaks — The line consists of stop-leak systems for hydraulic, power steering, engine oil, transmission, radiator, and cooling systems. Also featured are two new products: Smoke Away Engine Oil Treatment and Tire Stop Leak.

  • Splatt — These vehicle-cleaning products remove bugs, tar, asphalt, road film, bird droppings, and tree sap. The line also includes a truck wash.

  • Stiction — This line of epoxies and repair compounds simplifies fixing steel, plastic, fiberglass, wood, and high-temperature materials.

  • Bar's Xtreme — The company's newest line has been specifically formulated for heavy-duty applications. Included are a supplemental coolant additive, SCA coolant filters, coolant test kits, and diesel fuel additive products.

To obtain a copy of the catalog, phone 800-521-7475 or e-mail [email protected]. Customers can also log onto

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