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Batcon Alarm Alerts Drivers To Engine Alternator Failures

Batcon Inc has developed an alternator failure alert to provide truck operators an alarm if the alternator fails due to electrical, mechanical, or belt failure. The audible alarm and flashing display alert the driver to stop the engine before it's damaged from overheating. Corrective action can be taken before the electronic fuel injection or automatic transmission stops due to low voltage.

With the new Batstat technology, if the alternator fails, the gauge in the cab will alarm and flash "AL Fail." The alarm will sound for 15 seconds, return to normal, then 1 minute and 45 seconds later will alarm and flash "AL Fail" again. The sequence continues until the engine is stopped.

The alternator failure alarm is available for no extra cost on the Batstat P-200 battery load test system. For full details, contact Batcon, 109 South Ave, Fort Walton Beach FL 32547.

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