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Become an Expert

Become an Expert

Become a resident Expert on this site!

Don't miss the opportunity to be an Exclusive Expert on our Web site and answer category-specific questions from our visitors. Your company will maintain exclusive rights to answer questions in your chosen Category/Categories from our online audience for a minimum of three months.

Be an Industry Leader!
In today’s competitive environment, your most valuable asset is the expertise of your employees. In fact, expert advice and the ability to solve your customers' problems is the best way to set you apart from your competitors.

Now you can demonstrate your expertise and establish an interactive dialogue with your customers—all within the powerful environment of our brand!

Benefits of "Ask the Experts"
Here's what you'll get as a resident Expert:

Ownership of your chosen category or categories for a minimum of three months

Guaranteed exclusive promotion within your Category Page and List of Experts Page

Additional promotion to maximize exposure on the Home Page, Articles Pages, and in E-Newsletters, Search Results, and our Print Publication, subject to availability

Sign Up Today!
What are you waiting for? Contact Rory Walker today at (713) 523-8124 or at [email protected] for more information.

Bring your company to the forefront and connect with your customers by joining our panel of Experts!

Rory Walker
[email protected]
(713) 523-8124

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