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Bendix ABS-6 provided on Mack vehicles

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC's ABS-6 Advanced with the ESP stability system, an electronic vehicle stability technology that provides a higher level of protection against the possibility of rollovers and jackknifes, is now offered on Mack Trucks Inc's highway models.

The ABS-6 antilock braking system is the standard ABS offering on select Mack Class 8 highway and vocational vehicles. It gives tractor-trailer operators a highly effective ABS-based stability system and traction control that responds to both low- and high-friction surface stability scenarios. The system may detect a vehicle's impending loss of stability before the typical driver senses it, and automatically intervenes by selectively applying tractor and trailer brakes as well as by reducing the engine throttle. It is effective in a full range of driving conditions, and especially for tractors pulling trailers.

Bendix and Mack are also working toward making the ESP stability system functionality available on its vocational vehicles. Testing and validation of select Mack vocational applications equipped with the ESP system is expected to be complete in mid-2006.

Bendix developed ABS-6 in conjunction with its European affiliate, Knorr-Bremse.

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