Bendix Will Fleet-Test New Air Disc Brake

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems will begin fleet-testing its North American air disc brake, the Bendix ADB 225, in first-quarter 2001. Performance testing has shown its stopping distance meets requirements under consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The ADB 225, for 22.5-inch-wheel-diameters, features a mono block caliper design that makes the brake more compact and able to fit North American truck wheel-end envelopes. This design provides weight savings, and its high overload capacity eliminates the need for anti-compounding. The ADB 225 features improved sealing over previous disc brakes.

Other features include internal automatic brake adjustment, integrated pad and rotor wear sensing diagnostics, and optimized friction couple.

The ADB 225 also provides a 30% to 35% shorter stopping distance than regulations require, fade resistance, reduced wheel pull, and a passenger-car feel.

Production is slated for 2003. Bendix also plans to release the design for a 19.5-inch air disc brake in 2001 for smaller wheel diameters, trailers, and medium-duty vehicles.

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