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Blue and white strobes join SuperNova line

Grote Industries has introduced blue and white 4" round SuperNova LED strobe lamps. These strobe lamps use a simple 12-volt DC connection, so no external power supply is necessary. Maintenance costs are reduced, because SuperNova LEDs last substantially longer than strobe tubes and are less likely to break. The strobe lamps feature a dual function: the strobe can be set to perform in either dual or quad flash.

The strobes feature a “bulletproof” potting compound to protect against dirt, moisture, and corrosion. Tin-plated, solid male pin terminals help connect the lamp to the Ultra-Blue-Seal harness. LED strobes are also sealed to keep out contaminants.

Lamps come in red (part 477352), yellow (part #77353), blue (part #77355), and white (part # 77351). Accessories for this full-pattern lamp include: theft-resistant snap-in flanges in chrome, white, black, and stainless steel; closed-back and standard grommets; pigtails; and various brackets.

Contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250 for further details.

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