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Bluetooth takes bite out of rival systems

Josam Products' new wireless Bluetooth truck wheel alignment systems have a battery-powered Mobile Support Center, including PC, flat panel monitor, and docking stations. Only two “Bluetooth” measuring units are required to perform total vehicle alignment on all vehicles and axles.

PC's and Window SP Pro provide a familiar operating environment for the intuitive Josam software. The flat panel display screen adjusts from floor level to overhead to provide visibility from the cab to under the chassis. The wireless remote frees the operator to become even more productive. Color graphics depict axle specifications, conditions, and before-and-after reports for the customer.

Able to measure any configuration of up to 16 axle vehicles, the station's database can store an almost unlimited number of reports. The optional proprietary Handheld computer is self-contained and designed for severe use.

For further information, e-mail [email protected].

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