On-board oil refiner helps Stevens save

Stevens Transport, the Dallas TX-based long-haul refrigerated truck carrier, has successfully completed the first year of its long-term plan to outfit its entire fleet with the OPS-1 on-board oil refiner system. Stevens has outfitted the OPS-1 system on nearly 50% of its fleet of more than 1,600 trucks.

Eric Smith, Stevens director of maintenance and equipment, said, “We expect to save more than a million dollars per year on the cost of oil changes alone.”

Produced by Oil Purification Systems (OPS), OPS-1 can be mounted on any truck engine. It reduces or eliminates solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, thereby extending the time between oil changes. Instead of changing the oil every 30,000 miles, analysis of the oil determines the required interval for an oil change. Weighing just 11 pounds, the OPS-1 is a compact, two-piece system.

The company's fleet maintenance crews are continuing to install OPS-1 on about 50 trucks per month. During the year, Stevens estimates that it has achieved an 80% oil maintenance cost savings on each truck fitted with the system by eliminating three to five oil changes a year. Stevens expects to have its entire fleet outfitted with OPS-1 within the next two years.

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