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Brake-Link supports MeritorWABCO brakes

MeritorWABCO trailer brake diagnostics are now supported by NEXIQ Technologies' Brake-Link tool. The MeritorWABCO application will let trailer mechanics diagnose brake faults on its Easy-Stop and Enhanced Easy-Stop brake-equipped trailers.

A hand-held ABS brake scan tool, Brake-Link eliminates the need for monitoring blink codes by displaying text messages. Technicians also can use Brake-Link to view and clear current and historic faults. The tool provides more diagnostic information than blink codes. Brake-Link connects to tractors and trailers using the SAE J1587 communication protocol over J1708 buses. It is also compatible with the latest Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication protocol, which supports the federal mandate for in-cab trailer ABS warning lamp.

With Brake-Link, technicians can test a range of functions with a single solution, including battery voltage; the trailer's ABS Warning Lamp; wheel sensors; chuffing, holding, and exhaustion modulators; and retrieval of ECU information. Brake-Link may also be used as a PC-to-vehicle serial interface device for use with most OEM and NEXIQ diagnostic PC applications.

For full details, contact NEXIQ, 6405 Nineteen Mile Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48314.

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