Brake Pro takes friction products to new level

Brake Pro Ltd has developed a new line of friction materials, the CCM (conformable, cohesive, metallic) line based on its CM24(3) friction formulation concepts and material technology. The new CCM line will generate higher brake torque providing shorter stopping distances with longer lining and drum life, and quieter braking performance. Products in this line are formulated to meet the exact requirements for ultra-long life brake block for specific brake applications.

The CM24(3) formula uses three formulation concepts in one material to provide at high-axle loadings, in severe or regular use, excellent brake torque output, quiet braking, and good drum compatibility. FMVSS121 axle rated from 23,000 to 29,000 pounds, it combines:

  • Unique conformability characteristics (lining beds in easily to drum).

  • Transfer film, cohesive technology creating a controlled and conditioned brake surface interface.

  • Metallic matrix, which allows for more heat transfer during braking and results in better wear and more mileage.

For more information, phone 770-422-1650 or 800-567-1122 ext 249, access, or contact Brake Pro, 1000 Cobb International Dr NW, Suite A1, Kennesaw GA 30152.

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