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Brake shoe coating wages war on corrosion

After salt spray testing of coating alternatives for thousands of hours, Haldex is introducing a new protective coating for all remanufactured shoes. The Haldex protective coated shoe provides corrosion resistance by employing a new coating that is high in solid content and corrosion inhibitors. The coating is applied through a process that insures that each shoe is properly coated, cured, and ready for lining attachment.

When used in conjunction with Haldex Friction with Cross-Link Technology, the new brake shoe coating is guaranteed to protect against lining edge cracking from rust jacking.

This coating is available at six Haldex Service Center sites: Kansas City MO, Oklahoma City OK, Little Rock AR, Harrisburg PA, Fargo ND, and Grand Rapids MI. The remaining service centers will acquire the painting equipment in the near future. For more information, contact Haldex, 10930 N Pomona Ave, Kansas City MO 64153.

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