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Telatemp Offers LCD Option Telatemp's PC Transit Thermometer now is offered with the LCD (liquid crystal display) option to provide a visual and audible indication of exposure to temperature extremes without downloading the data to a PC.

The LCD enhancement is available on the single-channel temperature recorder (PCT-2000-DLM), which senses and records up to 2,000 temperature vs time readings from -40 degrees Centigrade to +70 degrees Centigrade. It also is available for both dual-channel data loggers (PCT-IE-DLM and PCT-E2DLM), which capture 8,000 temperature samples from internal and external probe sensors. External stainless steel probe sensors are available to monitor temperatures from -100 degrees Centigrade to +150 degrees Centigrade.

The display provides an updated reading every time a temperature is taken, as well as upper and lower visual alarms that show if a sensor detected a temperature outside of user-preset limits. The audible alarm may be programmed to sound under these same conditions. The alarm can also be programmed to react to a specific number of consecutive readings beyond user-set limits. For more details, contact Telatemp, 351 S Raymond Ave, Fullerton CA 92831-4624.

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Anthony Offers Medium RailTrac Liftgates The new Anthony Medium RailTrac series hydraulic liftgates in the 1,200-, 1,800-, 2,500-, and 3,000-lb capacities incorporate these standard features:

* Lifetime warrantied slide runners have one-piece, aluminum extrusion with no plastic inserts to wear and replace. Dissimilar metal slide channels (aluminum and steel) reduce friction and extend life.

* Anthony's Zero Leak Concept uses O-ring and SAE hydraulic connections instead of pipe thread connections. These Zero Leak connections, coupled with a -70 degrees Fahrenheit low-pour hydraulic fluid, provide dependable operation even in demanding winter weather conditions.

* Closed hydraulic system protects against outside dirt, grease, and moisture. The steel pump enclosure protects components from damage by impact, debris, and weather.

* Service-free bushings used at sprockets extend service life and eliminate routine lubrication.

* Large-bore double-weight hydraulic cylinder allows the system to operate at lower pressure, increasing the service life.

* Marine-duty toggle switch operates in all types of weather. Heat-shrink silicon wire terminals are used at all electrical connections to seal out moisture and prevent electrical failure. Anti-rotation terminals ensure circuit protection.

For more details, contact Anthony Liftgates Inc, 1037 W Howard St, Pontiac IL 61764-0615.

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Trans/Air Mfg Unveils Line of Compressors Trans/Air Manufacturing has introduced a line of large-displacement, transit-type compressors. The four-cylinder C-465 and C-650 compressors have a displacement ranging from 28.4 CID (465 cc) to 39.7 CID (650 cc), and provide capacities necessary to satisfy severe-duty, inner city, or over-the-road applications. Compressors are complemented by OEM-approved mount kits, and feature heavy-duty clutches, and an array of safety high- and low-pressure switches. Features also include a 50 percent unloader option, which improves dehumidification and offers smoother operation and longer product life due to reduced clutch cycling. For additional information, contact Trans/Air, 480 E Locust St, Dallastown PA 17313.

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