Platon, Crone Team Up Platon Consulting Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Group West Systems, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Crone & Associates of Portland OR. This joint venture is focused on marketing a new rating and routing system designed to effect cost savings for logistics organizations. Transmanage, a division of Crone & Associates that provides consulting and management services in transportation, logistics, and hazardous materials handling, initially will roll out the new system.

The joint venture first will target North American companies incurring more than $1 million per year in transportation costs. New software will be offered through the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, and is expected to be in full use within the next few weeks.

Next Generation Unveils FreightMaster 2002 Next Generation Logistics Inc has implemented its new Y2K-compliant, 32-bit FreightMaster 2002 traffic management system for Windows '95, Windows '98, and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems. This PC-based system can maximize traffic management efficiency for many foodservice companies.

With FreightMaster 2002, clients can track, trace, and handle pre- and post-audits via the Internet. The system is applicable to shipments whether they are LTL, truckload, consolidations, or international air and ocean freight. It allows clients to cut bills of lading, and provide for proof of delivery via the Internet. FreightMaster 2002 also handles reporting functions, from determining traffic flows in various lanes to carrier performance reporting. The software can handle receivables, payables, and tie in with all corporate accounting functions. MobileTRAK Provides Two-Way Messaging of San Diego CA has introduced Mobile TRAK, a sealable vehicle tracking and two-way messaging solution designed to enhance productivity and safety compliance for fleets of all sizes.

MobileTRAK leverages GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite technology to pinpoint vehicles worldwide. Continuous updates are provided via a two-way pager to any desktop PC with Internet access. An activity report is created for each vehicle, and map sets provide detailed, street-level tracking information.

Full two-way messaging also is provided allowing dispatchers to communicate with branch offices, customers, or family. MobileTRAK optimizes routing efficiency and can assist drivers with turn-by-turn instructions. It allows instant response to charges and special requests.

Scalable for one to 100,000 vehicles, MobileTRAK uses any two-way wireless data system, has an industry-standard SQL database, and supports existing dispatch or other mobile applications. Manugistics, NTE Team Up Manugistics Group Inc and The National Transportation Exchange (NTE) have announced their intent to execute a partnership that will focus on integration between Manugistics Transportation Management and NTE's Internet-enabled transportation exchange. The combination will provide Manugistics clients with automatic access to an Internet trading community that extends optimization beyond the enterprise. Shippers and their trading partners can gain visibility and improved service for all shipments.

The partnership will be executed under Manugistics' Integration Partner Program. NTE will use the Open Application Integration (OAI) laboratory to build certified business process level integration between the two systems. With the integration of NTE, Manugistics clients can optimize freight movement with existing trade partners by using the trading exchange for real-time pooling of less-than-truckload orders. The exchange can find the best-priced alternative that meets service parameters set by the shipper. Software Helps Manage Refrigerant Leaks Section 608 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 states that when an owner or operator of an appliance that normally contains a refrigerant charge of more than 50 pounds discovers that refrigerant is leaking at a rate that would exceed the applicable trigger rate during a 12-month period, the owner or operator must take corrective action.

Environmental Support Solutions offers Leak Manager, free software to help organizations comply with Environmental Protection Agency leak management regulations. The software can help its user:

* Understand EPA leak repair and reporting regulations.

* Calculate refrigerant leaks as required by EPA.

* Clarify EPA repair and reporting requirements between commercial comfort cooling leak and an industrial process refrigeration leak.

* Leak Manager guides users through the correct repair process and generates and prints information required by EPA.

This software includes a built-in leak rate calculator. It also prints out required reports and forms, including leak repair progress and repair extension requests, for submission to the EPA.

Environmental Support Solution's Compliance Information Center includes tips, resources, trial downloads, and compliance checklists. MVS Express Introduced Lockheed Martin IMS, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp, has launched MVS Express, a new online service that consolidates regulatory and compliance functions into an integrated electronic software and infrastructure package that carriers can access from a desktop over the Internet. For both agencies and carriers, MVS Express improves access for credential and permit processing.

This service was launched at the 66th annual international conference of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators in Bretton Woods NH.

MVS Express bundles a menu of new and existing regulatory compliance tools for states, including registration, permitting, and tax payments. At the core of MVS Express is a carrier Master Account-a single-point of secure access from which all transactions take place. An electronic menu prompts a carrier to conduct the transaction and allows transactions with multiple agencies-even with multiple states.

VDO FM200 Manages Fleets The FM200 On Board Computer (OBC) is VDO North America's latest generation OBC fleet management system. This system provides fleet managers with accurate data recording and analysis by using a set of tools to collect and review driver performance and vehicle operation data.

This system can help increase productivity and profitability by highlighting non-movement periods, lowering accident rates, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, lowering maintenance and insurance costs, and providing information for grading driver performance. If an FM200-equipped vehicle is ever involved in an accident, the system provides a detailed record of events, which may be used to protect the company in a litigation.

Using Windows-based FM200 software, data is compiled into management reports that grade driver performance and document work hours. Software provides two- and three-dimensional graphic reports for an individual driver or group of drivers, a single vehicle, or group of vehicles by location. Reports can be produced on a daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand basis. The software also tracks fuel use and service schedules. Information from the OBC is downloaded via a keyport installed in the vehicle cab. It features an onboard battery to protect the data in case of power failure. Stand-alone, LAN, and WAN versions are offered.

SHIPSO to Integrate with ProLog-Scan East Moline IL-based EBE-Inc, developer of SHIPSO (Shipping and Hauling Image Processing System), has entered into a marketing agreement with Computerized Management of Vehicles Inc (CMoV Inc), the Sioux Falls SD-based developer of ProLog-Scan.

Through this agreement, CMoV Inc will use the SHIPSO distribution channel to gain national sales and support of the ProLog-Scan product. EBE-Inc will continue to provide SHIPSO customers with a transportation image management system that includes image-related applications and applications that incorporate trucking company software automation solutions.

EBE-Inc and CMoV Inc have created an interface between SHIPSO and ProLog-Scan. This interface places driver logs into a workflow routine that imports information from SHIPSO relative to driver, tractor, and trip. SHIPSO will send scanned logs through the appropriate workflow (either for a complying or noncomplying log).

GE Capital, MicroStrategy Sign Agreement MicroStrategy Inc, a Vienna VA-based supplier of business intelligence software, has been selected by GE Capital Fleet Services to provide web-based fleet management software applications for its customer-focused e-commerce programs.

GE Capital, with headquarters in Eden Prairie MN, will use MicroStrategy's software to build and deploy its Global Web Reporting System, an application designed to complement functionality of Your Office @ Fleet, GE Capital's e-commerce platform it provides to fleet customers. Built on the MicroStrategy DSS Suite of information analysis and delivery tools, the Global Web Reporting system will generate and automatically deliver reports for fleet managers. This procedure eliminates paper-based reporting and delivery.

Fleet managers will have access to analysis- and graphical report-building capabilities that will let them outline and compare individual vehicle maintenance histories, future service needs, billing records, and leasing contract obligations. The software will automate delivery of need-to-know vehicle fleet information to potentially millions of drivers via e-mail, pager, or cell phone. Web Sites, Services Added by A network of web sites and interactive online services has been launched by Besides a site redesign, new features offered by include personalized calendars and weather, a trucking/transportation search engine, classifieds area, and free home pages. The service now lets visitors customize their own start pages.

A partnership has been formed between and to launch Family Center, where driver's spouses and children are the focus. In addition to, the Family Center will include, a site dedicated to truckers' children. Chancellor Corp Invests in Boston MA-based Chancellor Corp has invested in Inc, an Internet company positioning itself to become a transportation industry destination site handling business-to-business e-commerce.

Chancellor expects the third quarter ended Sept 30, 1999, to be its strongest third quarter performance in nearly a decade with estimated revenues of about $16 million. This quarter is also anticipated to be its eighth consecutive profitable quarter, which equates to two full years of profitable operations. Mastersource Online Offers Forklift Parts Mastersource Online, a web site designed by Rapidparts Inc, a Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc (MCFA) company, provides replacement parts to forklift users via the Internet.

The site, which launched June 1, 1999, offers a free online part number look-up for most forklift models. Replacement forklift parts can be purchased with a credit card online, or through a local Mastersource dealer. These dealers can be located with the dealer search feature.

Product information, descriptions, photos, and safety tips are all available, as well as links to other industry-related sites. The help desk for Mastersource Online provides assistance for navigating the site and answers other questions.

Mastersource replacement parts and pricing information can be found by entering the manufacturer part number. If the part number is not known, select the forklift manufacturer, model, and type of part desired in the application search. Mastersource Online will provide the appropriate part number and pricing. Hints are available for locating model number and serial number information. Licenses Roadnet 5000 Roadnet Technologies Inc, a Baltimore MD-based provider of transportation management solutions, has announced that, an online grocery company based in Bellevue WA, has licensed Roadnet's Roadnet 5000 routing and scheduling solution for deployment in its upcoming facilities planned through 2000.

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