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Great Basin College Offers First CRT Program Great Basin College in Elko NV has become the first truck driving school in the nation to offer its students the Certified Refrigerated Transporter (CRT) Program. This program teaches the basics of how to handle perishable items in transit.

The first class of trainees received certificates May 15, 2000. As participants in the CRT Program, Great Basin's CDL students attended a four-hour class taught by head instructor J M "Steve" Stevenson.

Since Stevenson became head instructor, attendance has swelled from an average of 40 students per year to close to 120. He hopes to acquire a $45,000 simulator soon. Purchase of this simulator would be made possible by a grant for rural development from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The CRT Program was developed in 1998 by the Allen Lund Co Inc. Thus far, more than 300 people have been certified. The company hopes to certify 1,000 by the end of 2000.

For more information, phone 775-753-2124 or 775-289-3589.

DAT Adds Map Search to Freight Matching Web Site DAT Services has added a map search interface to its freight matching web site to allow users to find loads or trucks quickly by clicking on individual states. This new feature can process multiple origins and destinations. The company has added new information resources for DATinternet subscribers: a national directory of carriers and brokers searchable by name, city, or state; and a database of North American truckstops equipped with DAT Load Monitors.

DAT Services offers real-time load and equipment availability and transportation information services online via software, satellite, fax and phone, as well as via a network of load monitors at 1,100 truckstops throughout North America.

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