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Gold Seal Spring/Service Brakes Unveiled Joining Holland Neway International Inc's Anchorlok line is the new 3030 Gold Seal Long Stroke spring brake and 30 Long Stroke service brake. When compared with a standard stroke, the Anchorlok Long Stroke provides a higher and more constant force output, especially in the LS (Long Stroke) zone. A vehicle enters this zone as wear and heat take their effect on the foundation brake system. The Anchorlok Long Stroke provides additional force required to maintain braking. Brake adjustment and inspection are simplified by allowing extra stroke with higher output force.

For full details, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

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Toyo M-615Z Meets Long-Haul Demands The Toyo M-615Z steel radial drive axle heavy-duty tire stands up to demands of long-haul, over-the-highway operations. Its 28/32" deep-traction, block tread delivers dependability, a long life, and fuel efficiency.

The tire's four-belt construction reduces tread squirm for high mileage and even wear. Toyo's HT and Open Cord Construction casing and belts ensure maximum rubber penetration into the steel filaments. Its fourth belt, or protector ply, made of High Elongation Steel cord, works like a spring to absorb shocks and impacts, protecting the tire from cutting, chipping, and impact breaks.

A special rib shoulder design resists irregular wear and offers a smooth, quiet ride. Toyo's DSOC II technology optimizes footprint and improves wear, and shoulder sipes channel water from the tread for traction on wet and snowy roads. A cap/base tread compound is designed to deliver cool running and retreadability. Stone ejectors minimize cut damage, and sidewall construction resists scuffing, bruises, and aging.

Toyo's Belt Defender rubber compound protects the third and fourth belts from moisture penetration and rust, while a multi-layer inner liner protects against air and moisture.

This tire is available in 295/75R22.5, 285/75R22.5, 11R22.5, and 11R24.5 sizes. For more details, contact Toyo, 6415 Katela Ave, Second Floor, Cypress CA 90630.

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Pressure Washer Has Water-Cooled Engine Landa has a line of portable, skid-mounted, diesel-powered hot-water pressure washers featuring a water-cooled Lombardini engine. The SDHW line has four models with cleaning power ranging from 4.0 to 10.6 gpm and 2,000 to 4,000 psi of pressure. All four are skid-mounted and encased in a steel cage.

These models feature water-cooled Lombardini engines ranging from 15 to 23 hp. Engines offer: four-stroke diesel, indirect fuel injection, pressure lubrication, automatic excess fuel device for cold-start ease, and electric start with instrumentation and fuel shutoff solenoid.

For full details, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

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T300 Body Builders Manual Kenworth's new T300 Series Body Builders' Manual is available from Kenworth dealers. This manual provides dimension, systems specification, and installation guidance to truck body manufacturers and installers. Topics include safety and compliance, dimensions, body mounting, frame modifications, electrical, vehicle identification, and weight distribution.

For more details, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.

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Holland Neway Revamps Scale-O-Matic Line Holland Neway International announces the redesigned and consolidated Scale-O-Matic line, consisting of three models that can be applied to most truck or trailer air ride suspension applications. The Scale-O-Matic line measures vehicle payload quickly and economically. These units will help ensure maximum payloads without the danger of overloading-even when vehicles are loaded in areas far from yard scales. The unit measures air pressure in air springs supporting the vehicle load. Thus, total gross load is computed by multiplying the gauge reading by the total number of air-suspended axles in the system. The gauge is located in a heavy-duty weatherproof box that can be mounted in a convenient location. The Scale-O-Matic is virtually maintenance-free and is suitable for use in nearly any climate.

For full details, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

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Fontaine Introduces Xtra Heavy-Duty Fifthwheel Fontaine Fifth Wheel has come out with the Xtra heavy-duty fifthwheel, which incorporates the company's 5092 Series design with a high-strength, low-alloy, formed steel top plate and patented No-Slack locking system.

Manufactured with reinforced substructure, it is additionally reinforced at strategic load bearing areas. Its design enables the fifthwheel to handle a 75,000-lb vertical load and a drawbar pull of 200,000 pounds which makes it suitable for tankers and other heavy haulers. The Xtra fifthwheel is available in 91' 2", 101' 2", and 111' 2" mounting heights.

For more information, contact Fontaine, 171 Cleage Dr, Birmingham AL 35217.

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Pressure Washer Offers Shutoff at Trigger Gun Karcher's HDS 1055 cold/hot/steam high-pressure washers provide complete machine shut-off at the trigger gun, adjustable pressure and temperature control, compact design, and simple controls. Every pressure washer is constructed using a powdercoated, one-piece, low-profile chassis made of galvanized steel. A corrosion-resistant plastic cover offers a panel for access to the detergent tank and scale inhibitor reservoir, as well as a built-in storage compartment.

The HDS 1055 guarantees low operating costs with 90 percent-plus fuel-efficient burner, vertical heater coil, and air-insulated double jacket for condensation-free heating. Its patented water-cooled electric motor has overload protection and a built-in antiscale device that prevents downtime due to mineral deposits.

Accessories include an on/off trigger gun, 40" rotating spray wand, 25 degrees power nozzle, 50-ft swiveling high-pressure hose, and a 13-ft electric cable. For full details, contact Karcher, 65 Clyde Rd, Suite C, Somerset NJ 08873.

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Crown SC 4000 Series Elevates Visibility Crown Equipment Corp's new, compact three-wheel lift truck offers an "operator-forward" design, positioning the operator closer to the mast for a clear view of the forks. A narrow steering column and low cowl also enhance visibility. When the load is elevated, the operator sees more, both through the mast area and through Crown's patented overhead guard with its angled, waterfall design.

On the SC 4000's floorboard, brake and accelerator pedals are matched in height, which helps feet move from brake to accelerator with less effort. Larger, cushion-rubber tires and advanced steering technologies provide a smoother ride. The truck's rack-and-pinion steering and proportional steering control delivers ease in handling, especially during turns. The SC 4000 provides faster travel and lift/lower speeds.

For normal maintenance, no tools are required to access most components on the truck. Batteries are accessible through the seat deck and can be charged while on the truck. A split floor plate design simplifies access to the drive motors, which are mounted vertically for access to all four drive-motor brushes. Brakes are serviceable through the mast in front of the truck.

These lift trucks have lifting heights to 241" and capacities to 4,000 pounds. For more information, contact Crown, New Bremen OH 45869.

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ConMet Develops Wheel-End Service Kits ConMet is making available new service kits and manuals for its PreSet Premium and PreSet PreGreased wheel ends. Kits for oil-lubricated PreSet Premium hubs include complete inner and outer bearing sets, an oil seal, and spacer. Kits for PreSet PreGreased hubs include inner and outer bearing sets, a grease seal, spacer, and tube of grease.

The new service manual for PreSet Premium steer, drive, and trailer hub assemblies covers periodic inspection and preventive maintenance, hub removal and disassembly, repair and replacement, reassembly, reinstallation, and specifications. This manual is available immediately, with new service manuals for PreSet PreGreased wheel ends for trailers and manual wheel-end systems to be released soon. For more details, contact ConMet, 13940 N Rivergate Blvd, Portland OR 97203.

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