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Brochure details Pendleton interior for W900

Kenworth offers a brochure on its new Pendleton Limited Edition interior available on the W900 model with 72-inch AeroCab Aerodyne and 86-inch Studio AeroCab sleepers.

With the Pendleton interior, the driver and passenger seats feature rich brown leather along with a Pendleton-designed patterned headrest. Kenworth's new armrests fold back and stow behind the seats for easier, more open sleeper access. Door pads are made of rich brown leather, while the leather sofa bed includes microfiber suede inserts. Wood grain cab interior trim and wool fabric inserts are also featured.

The Pendleton Limited Edition can be ordered with the new Kenworth GPS Navigation system/MP3 player and comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Owners receive a custom Pendleton travel bag and wool jacquard blanket. A plaque on the sleeper identifies the truck as a Kenworth W900 Pendleton Limited Edition.

To obtain the brochure, access

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