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Brochure highlights Spicer Life driveshafts

A new six-page brochure from Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group provides a component-by-component description of the features and benefits of Spicer Life Series heavy-duty driveshaft assemblies. The brochure and ordering information are available at

The piece includes information on how Spicer Life Series driveshafts can save truck owners as much as $1,400 per truck due to reduced system weight, as well as parts reductions and lowered maintenance costs. Another section outlines the decreased operating costs, longer life, and heavy hauling performance benefits of the Spicer Life XL universal-joints, which offer extended initial lubrications intervals for linehaul applications of up to three years or 350,000 miles.

The brochure also includes information on:

  • How the patented spring tabs on Spicer Life driveshafts reduce looseness and help decrease unwanted vibration.

  • How the Glidecote slip splines and boots incorporating Hytrel increase balance, strength, durability, and torsional stiffness to further minimize vibrations.

  • Permanently lubricated slip members that protect against contaminants and eliminate the need for maintenance.

  • How the increased driveshaft tube diameter, coupled with less wall thickness, improves strength and reduces weight.

  • How the new Spicer XC center bearing reduces bracket complexity and improves driveshaft performance.

  • Quick Disconnect end yokes that reduce deflection, improve strength, and simplify maintenance.

  • Torque ratings, swing diameters, tube sizes, warranty information, and weights on heavy-duty Spicer Life Series and Spicer 10-Series driveshaft assemblies.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

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