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Brochure outlines ConMet's capabilities

Consolidated Metco Inc (ConMet) has unveiled a new brochure that outlines the company's design engineering, manufacturing, and delivery capabilities. The four-color, 12-page brochure focuses on ConMet's three product categories: proprietary wheel-end components, permanent mold-and-die castings, and structural plastics.

Wheel end products featured include PreSet aluminum and iron hub assemblies, standard aluminum and iron hubs, PreSet hub and rotor assemblies, and CastLite and TruTurn brake drums. The brochure's castings section describes ConMet's ability to design and produce aluminum permanent mold-and die castings. ConMet's structural plastics division is also featured with an overview of the company's capabilities for plastics design, manufacturing, finishing, assembly, just-in-time delivery, and line sequencing.

A copy of the brochure is available at or by phoning 800-547-9473.

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