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Brochure on power rack for aligning wheels

Hunter Engineering Co has a four-page, color brochure covering its RKHD heavy-duty power rack for wheel alignment. The standard RKHD configuration is 24" in height and includes a turnplate section, four runway sections, and a pop-up ramp per side. Overall standard length is 380", but additional runway sections can be added for unlimited wheelbase capacity. The truss design provides a 20,000-lb per axle capacity. Each leg of the RKHD bolts directly to the bay floor for maximum strength and can be adjusted for level accuracy.

Turnplate sections are recessed to accept optional turnplates and include adjustable front wheel stops to provide clearance during service operations. Runway sections are 33" wide, making drive-on and drive-off easy and safe without moving the runways. Inside rub-rails help prevent smaller vehicles from driving off the sides of the runways.

The pop-up ramps add wheelbase capacity while making maximum use of bay space. Back wheel stops automatically engage when the ramps are raised to the up position. Ramp legs safely lock in the over-center position at maximum rise.

Shallow pit configurations of 24" and 30" depths are also provided. For additional information, contact Hunter, 11250 Hunter Dr, Bridgeton MO 63044.

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