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C R England driver a Highway Angel again

For the second time, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has recognized C R England driver Ted Cash of Vancouver WA as a Highway Angel after he assisted an elderly couple involved in a serious freeway accident.

A truck driver for 28 years, Cash was making a delivery for C R England when he saw a car venture out of a turnaround on Interstate 84 near the border of Idaho and Oregon. The car swung out onto the interstate and broadsided a truck right in front of him. Cash hit the brakes, set his emergency flashers, and ran over to help.

“The whole passenger side of the car was caved in, but no one was bleeding,” said Cash about the vehicle that had caused the accident. On the driver's side, he found an elderly man still grasping the steering wheel, apparently in shock.

The man's wife was attempting to open the passenger door and step onto the freeway. Cash quickly hit the automatic door locks and told her to sit still.

Then Cash checked on the other vehicle and found a couple who appeared to be OK, so he returned to the elderly couple.

As he comforted the couple, he discovered they were on their way to meet their daughters in Ontario OR. The man had his daughter's phone number written down, so Cash called her. He soothed the daughter and assured her that her parents were fine. She arrived at the scene within minutes.

The daughter later wrote to TCA to recommend him for the Highway Angels program. Cash received a Highway Angel lapel pin, certificate, and patch for his efforts at the scene of the accident. C R England also received a certificate.

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