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Carefree Tire built to be flat-free and lighter

Carefree Tire is offering a flat-free tire designed for hand trucks that eliminates flat tires and maintenance of pneumatic tires.

Unlike solid rubber tires, a Carefree Tire provides an air-cushioned ride without adding much weight. It will last four to 10 times longer than a similar pneumatic tire and requires less effort to roll.

The 4.10/3.50-4 size Carefree Tire is easier to roll and has a greater load capacity. Measuring 10.5" high × 3" wide, it comes with standard 2.25" offset hub length. Because it is polyurethane and not rubber, it also is provided in a selection of colors from red and blue to yellow and green.

For more information, contact Carefree Tire, 5141 Firestone Place, South Gate CA 90280.

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