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Carlton has high-security cable seal

This High Security FlexiGrip 350M Cable Seal is one of the new security seals Carlton Industries is now offering. This high-security seal has a 1/8" galvanized aircraft cable with stock lengths of 10" or 16". For tamper resistance, the cable unravels when cut. The aluminum seal body and steel locking components add extra durability to this cable seal, which has a pull strength of 2,700 lb, thus making it C-TPAT- and ISO 17712-compliant. The FlexiGrip 350M is ideal for cross-border shipments, high-value shipments, railcars, tankers, container door latches, and trailer door latches, all places where increased security is important. The seal comes in the stock colors of red or blue. Customization is available, including company name.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

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