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Carrier directory provided on a CD-ROM

Transportation Technical Services Inc (TTS) has released a CD-ROM carrier directory that encompasses more than 3,000 trucking companies offering common and dedicated contract services plus 400 exclusive contract-hauling firms.

Dubbed the Carrier Routing Directory (CRD), this software is designed to offer shippers, private fleets, third-party providers, and truckers access to profiles of the aforementioned companies.

Profiles include contact information, title, address, phone numbers, and haul preference. Fleet data such as number of trucks, tractors, and trailers and types of trailer are also listed.

The CRD's database includes 4,410 firms operating van trailers, 1,167 flatbeds, 835 refrigerated, 442 tanks, 248 open tops, and 195 chassis/container. These firms can be identified by states served and equipment operated via the software's built-in index. For more information, visit

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