Carrier Transicold has security solutions

Carrier Transicold is offering a new line of industrial-strength cargo security devices that provide fleets and owner operators a first line of defense against theft.

Each of the four locking systems — the Sealock, the Enforcer adjustable lock, the Enforcer Air Cuff lock, and the Enforcer kingpin lock — is designed to deter thieves in a different way.

  • Sealock Model SU205, a single-use device, makes any truck or trailer virtually tamper-proof. Designed to both lock and seal, it is compliant with the voluntary industry-government Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and exceeds ISO/PAS 17712:2005 and ASTM “F”1157 standards.

  • Enforcer adjustable lock, a reusable lock made of chrome-plated steel with a cast iron locking component. It fits around trailer keeper bars and can be adjusted in half-inch increments to provide a tight fit. The design conceals the shackle of its ABLOY high-security padlock, protecting it from physical attack.

  • Enforcer Air Cuff lock, which completely encases the air valves in the tractor cab, preventing truck and trailer brakes from being released. Portable and easy to use, the device is made with impact-resistant material and includes a keyed ABLOY lock cylinder.

  • Enforcer kingpin lock, which provides security for dropped trailers by preventing unauthorized hook-ups. This lock is made of a cast iron steel alloy to resist physical attacks from bolt cutters, sledgehammers, or crowbars. It includes a keyed ABLOY lock cylinder.

The Enforcer locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or keyed to a master system. For more information, access

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