Carriersnet proposes anti-terrorist international cargo system to EU

Tense times in the Middle East have increased the sense of urgency at Carriersnet Group Inc, the Dearborn MI-based international e-logistics network company. Carriersnet representatives met with European Union officials in Brussels, Belgium, recently to discuss the company's commercially patented system that also safeguards United States-bound cargo against terrorist tampering.

“Now that the threat of war has become the reality of war, the possibility of terrorist tampering with commercial cargo has increased. It is more important than ever that the EU and the United States resolve their disagreements over international cargo security measures,” said Carriersnet Chairman Capt H Salloum.

Carriersnet presented its strategy to Jean Trestour, head of maritime security for the European Union, and Christian Dupont, who is drafting EU rules for cargo security to be submitted to the EC.

Salloum welcomed the announcement that EU countries had given the EC a mandate to negotiate port security arrangements for all EU ports with the United States and that the commission had agreed to drop legal action against EU countries that had previously agreed to allow US Customs inspections at their ports.

“This compromise, reached just days before the war, opens the door to a more comprehensive system, such as the Carriersnet system, that can eliminate the unfair trade advantages the EU was concerned about, and ensure businesses that they will not be unduly harmed by additional security measures imposed by governments,” Salloum said.

“As with earlier meetings with US Customs and the US Transportation Security Administration, EU officials now appreciate that a more holistic approach to cargo security is needed to help place the United States and European Union on common ground,” he said.

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