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Chassis Saver guards against corrosion

Magnet Paints offers its Chassis Saver underbody coating, formulated to prevent automotive and truck corrosion without use of primers and topscoats. Chassis Saver chemically bonds to rusted metal to create a hard, glaze-like nonporous finish that resists road salts, gasoline, oil, battery acid, and other solvents.

High solids content and high-build properties ensure that edges are completely covered with just two or three coats. For surfaces exposed to sunlight, Magnet's Series 9000 Magnacryl acrylic enamels or Series 5000 Magnatron acrylic polyurethane can be applied to guard against ultraviolet rays.

Chassis Saver emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of less than 2.09 pounds per gallon (250 gpl), and it is free from lead and chromate hazards. For more information, contact Magnet, 336 Bayview Ave, Amityville NY 11701.

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