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Clean Diesel Technologies tests show fuel additive clearly reduces emissions

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc has completed independent testing of its Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) in a range of fuels on four different engines at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio TX.

Results from these tests confirm that the FBC, when added to various commercial diesel fuels, can provide up to 35% reduction in diesel particulate emissions (PM) and up to 11% nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction.

Engines tested in the program included a 1990 International DT466, a 1991 Cummins 8.3 liter, a 1995 International DT466, and a 1998 Detroit Diesel Series 60 heavy-heavy duty engine. Fuels included Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-road #2D, California ultra-low sulfur diesel, Texas low-emission diesel, on-road #1D, and biodiesel blends with selected fuels. In all, more than 200 transient tests were run over the past 2 years using the Platinum Plus FBC alone and in conjunction with after-treatment devices.

Blended into commercial ultra-low sulfur-diesel fuel, the FBC produced PM reductions of up to 28%; and when used with a Texas low-emissions diesel fuel, the FBC blend produced reductions of 31% PM and up to 11% NOx reductions.

When blended with pipeline grade #1D kerosene, the FBC produced PM reductions of up to 32% and 10% NOx. That same blend combined with a B-20 blend of biodiesel gave 35% PM and 4% NOx reductions. Used with low-cost after-treatment devices, the FBC has been verified by the EPA for 40% to 50% PM reduction when used with a diesel oxidation catalyst; and 65% to 75% reduction when used with a catalyzed wire-mesh filter.

The FBC also allows for lower temperature oxidation of soot collected by diesel-particulate filters that can give up to 90% reduction in particulate emissions.

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