Closed-crankcase filtration system boosts engine performance, eliminates emissions

A new closed-crankcase filtration system from Donaldson Co Inc eliminates engine crankcase emissions and improves the operating efficiency of diesel engines in medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses and light vehicles.

Donaldson's Spiracle filtration system uses a two-stage coalescing process to reduce entrained oil mist while maintaining crankcase pressures. Mounted between the engine breather port and air intake system, the Spiracle system helps reduce unpleasant in-cab fumes and keeps engine enclosures free from oil film deposits by filtering and routing blow-by gases back to the air intake. The filtration system also helps lower replacement oil costs by returning coalesced oil to the engine sump.

The heart of the Spiracle system is a coalescing filter produced by a process of arranging filter media fibers into a first-stage impaction filter. Partially cleaned gases and coalesced oil flow along a coalescing tube on the inside of the cartridge, allowing oil removal at the bottom of the housing. Blow-by gases are then forced through the second-stage diffusion filter/coalescing media from the inside of the cartridge, where additional coalescing is performed using a oliophobic filter media. Separated oil is returned to the engine sump, while soot particles remain trapped on the media surface.

Constructed to withstand engine temperatures, vibration, and chemical exposure, the Spiracle product line includes three sizes to handle blow-by flows ranging from 50 to 690 liters per minute. Filters are capable of engine- or remote-mount. A top-loaded metal-free cartridge design enhances Spiracle serviceability and environmental friendliness.

For complete details, contact Donaldson, 1400 W 94th St, Bloomington MN 55431-2370.

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