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Coke says 'si' to propane-fueled vehicles

Mexico City is among the 10 most polluted cities in the world. Its government mandated that vehicles fueled by liquid fuels would be curbed during pollution alerts and that vehicles operating with clean-burning fuels such as propane and natural gas would be exempt.

When this occurred, Coca Cola Mexico realized that a fuel change was required to keep its delivery trucks running uninterrupted.

With a fleet of 6,000 delivery vehicles in Mexico City, Coca Cola Mexico chose IMPCO Technologies Inc to provide products and expertise to support conversion of its vehicles from gasoline to propane. In 25 years, IMPCO has aided the successful conversion of other fleets in Mexico.

Coca Cola Mexico has converted 2,500 vehicles in Mexico City. The firm also has converted another 7,500 vehicles out of a total of 25,000 delivery vehicles not in Mexico City. With gasoline priced at $2.07 per gallon and propane at $1.20, Coca Cola Mexico will be able to realize yearly fuel savings of more than US $10 million as well as curb fuel theft.

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