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Column Core can avert pallet rack damage

A key warehouse maintenance cost is replacing forklift-damaged pallet racks, especially with open-column, bolt-together storage racks. Some such installations place two open columns back-to-back, with a 3“ column in the front and a 1-5/8“ column welded behind it. The problem is the hollow area inside the columns, which can still allow the upright to bend inward if hit with forks.

A more rigid installation is Steel King's SK2000 tubular boltless pallet rack reinforced with a C-shaped column insert called the Column Core. The SK2000, which is welded and not bolted together, is already 2½ times more impact-resistant than others. With the Column Core reinforcement added, it becomes five times more impact-resistant at the front corners and sides where uprights are most vulnerable.

Because most fork truck damage is in the lower 48 inches of pallet rack uprights, that is where the Column Core is usually installed and where it will provide the most benefit. However Column Core is sold in standard heights from 6 to 96 inches, in 6-inch increments; custom heights are available.

Column Core is a factory-installed option for Steel King's SK2000 tubular, boltless pallet rack. E-mail Donald Heemstra at [email protected] for further details.

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