Composilite family adds FBC lift axle

Hendrickson has expanded the Composilite line by adding the Composilite FBC, a self-steering auxiliary lift axle in capacities up to 10,000 pounds.

Delivering the advantages haulers value from helping stretch vehicle life spans to reducing maintenance, the FBC proves a choice for fleets and owner-operators that do not need a full 13,500-lb-capacity lift axle for their federal bridge compliance efforts.

Weighing 689 pounds, Composilite FBC maintains the durability of the Composilite ST by delivering maneuverability with a 28-degree wheel cut.

An in-line air spring design provides maximized packaging space. All Composilite lift axles mount in a 23.5-inch packaging space, allowing easier multi-axle configurations.

Composilite FBC accommodates six- or eight-hole hubs for use with 17.5- or 19.5-inch tires. The lightest configuration uses six-hole hubs, rims, and 17.5-inch tires with the FBC weighing just 873 pounds.

This lift axle can be ordered with an integrated air system that reduces installation time through a pre-located air tank, hoses, and valves.

Composilite FBC helps lower life cycle costs. Beams remain parallel to ensure proper wheel tracking and help enhance tire life, while lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life. The stabilizer features a cover to protect the stabilizing rod from dirt and debris throughout travel.

For more information, phone 800-660-2829 or 800-660-2843.

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