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Composilite FX weighs less than 850 pounds

Hendrickson launches Composilite FX, a 13,500-lb-capacity lift axle for trucks and trailers that weighs less than 850 pounds. It trims more than 300 pounds from previous Hendrickson models.

“By utilizing Composilite technology, the suspension components of the fixed-axle version are virtually identical to the steerable system,” says Paul Brown, marketing manager of Hendrickson auxiliary axle division.

In-line air springs provide maximized packaging space and remove the risk of possible driveline interference. Composilite FX measures 23.5" from the front edge of the hanger to the centerline of the axle and delivers axle travel of 13.5" with a 10" lift.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025.

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