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Copeland introduces digital technology for container refrigeration

Copeland Corporation, a division of Emerson Climate Technologies, St Louis MO, and Thermo King Corporation, Minneapolis MN, have announced digital scroll compressor technology that will allow deep frozen temperature control for marine containers. The new technology modulates compressor capacity precisely from 10% to 100% to match refrigeration needs within half a degree. The new Copeland compressor is part of Thermo King’s Magnum marine container unit designed to hold temperature as low as -31º F under any ambient conditions. With previous container and refrigeration system designs, deep frozen loads were limited to containers less than five years old. Thermo King says the new compressor technology will allow containers to be used for deep frozen applications throughout the 15-year life of a refrigerated container. The new technology was introduced December 11, 2002, at the Intermodal Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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