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Creep Drive: When slow is the way to go

Cotta Transmission Co has announced the launch of the new hydrostatic motor Creep Drive. The new transmission is designed to be installed in the vehicle driveline, between the main transmission and the drive, allowing the vehicle to creep along at slow speeds.

Once on the job site, the truck operator shifts the main transmission into neutral, the creep mode is selected, and a hydrostatic motor rotates the driveline through a reduction gear set in the auxiliary gearbox. This allows precise vehicle speed control down to inches per minute. The main transmission is protected because it is removed from the wear and tear of start-stop operations. When the Creep Drive gearbox is shifted back to the road mode, the gears disengage and do not rotate. This means horsepower loss and heat generated from gears churning in the oil — as well as back-driving the hydraulic motor — are eliminated.

The TR2218, Cotta's current single-reduction Creep Drive model, has a capacity of 12,500 ft-lb through the shaft. Maximum through shaft speed is 3,000 rpm, motor pad 500 rpm, and the ratio is 3:1. Maximum hydraulic motor torque is 900ft-lb. The shift mechanism is an air cylinder with dog-type clutch; input and output shaft spline size is 2-3/4 × 10.

Contact Cotta, 1301 Prince Hall Dr, Beloit WI 53511 for further information.

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