CSI shipping Fleet-Link

CSI Wireless Inc's Fleet-Link asset-tracking product is now being shipped to application service providers, OEMs, and other customers. Fleet-Link is a self-powered asset-tracking product to remotely monitor and manage truck trailers, freight containers, and other mobile assets from a central command center.

Fleet-Link addresses shippers' need to constantly track the locations of their goods. The first model of Fleet-Link — including a solar-powered option — communicates using the MicroBurst cellular network, developed by Aeris.net, which provides seamless coverage throughout North America.

CSI Wireless is planning to introduce a second model of Fleet-Link to serve trucking companies and other overland shippers, plus container ships and other ocean-traveling vessels. This version will communicate using Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) cellular technology.
CSI Wireless | 403-259-3311

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