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Daisy gains more than a dollop of efficiency

Sour cream manufacturer Daisy Brand has implemented GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform for developing RFID systems for its warehouse operations.

Daisy Brand wanted to deploy RFID technology not only to satisfy upcoming compliance mandates, but also to offset the cost of deployment. One improvement area the firm identified was tracking finished goods inventory to the staging area, and then to a truck for delivery. For the project, the company looks to improve the accuracy of fulfilling orders, and increase efficiency in tracking finished goods, while improving productivity of forklift drivers.

The platform involves tagging finished goods, tracking their movement via RFID readers installed on a forklift, and real-time integration of tracking information with Daisy's warehouse management system. GlobeRanger's iMotion platform lets the IS team orchestrate multiple edge devices integrated with operational processes. Devices controlled and managed by iMotion include: RFID forklift and portal readers, RFID printers, in-line bar-code scanners, and a pallet tag applicator.

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