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Dana Spicer brake shoes, linings upgraded

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems (CVS) division has announced that its entire line of Dana Spicer standard brakes for trailers has been enhanced.

The brake lining formula has been upgraded from Spicer Silver to the more durable Spicer Silver Supreme lining. This new lining is a second-generation formula that tests show will have a 75% longer lining and drum life.

The E-coat process, previously standard on single anchor pin tractor and trailer brakes, is now standard on double anchor pin trailer brakes. This process prevents rust jacking, the formation of an oxide layer on the brake shoe table that lifts and cracks the lining. Dana Spicer E-coated brakes are up to 300% more resistant to rust jacking.

Silver Supreme linings and the E-coat process are now standard on all brake sizes, including standard linings and Extra Life lining thickness brake shoe configurations, as well as the 12.25" low-profile brakes.

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