DataTrak protocol expands universe for telematics providers of Carrier units

As the trucking industry makes greater use of GPS services and telematics for fleet management, practical new uses are being employed for refrigeration equipment. A new third-party protocol for Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit controllers is expanding the universe of telematics providers that offer services compatible with equipment by Carrier, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The growing list of telematics providers offering services compatible with Carrier's DataTrak protocol includes:

  • Qualcomm Inc
  • StarTrak LLC
  • Terion Inc
  • PAR Logistics Management Systems
  • Satamatics Ltd
  • InterLink Logistics Technologies

DataTrak is a software upgrade for Carrier's truck and trailer unit controllers that allows microprocessor information to be extracted via the providers' telematics systems.

E-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected] for more details.

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