Detectors Devoted to Monitoring Ammonia

Vaisala Inc's AMT100 Series ammonia detectors provide continuous monitoring of ammonia gas leaks in unmanned compressor rooms and refrigerated spaces, detecting leakage both indoors and outdoors. AMT100 products are suitable for use in controlled-atmosphere rooms because they do not need any oxygen to operate. Measurement ranges available are 0-100 and 0-1,000 ppm.

These microprocessor-based detectors incorporate the polymer thin film Ammonicap sensor. This sensor operates from -40° C to + 60° C and with relative humidity up to 100%. AMT100 detectors respond only to ammonia; other gases or odors do not disturb the measurement. This feature reduces false alarms. The detector also recovers well from exposure to ammonia.

The series consists of two models: the basic ammonia detector AMT101 and the AMT102, which is fitted with additional alarm relays. Both models can be used as a part of a system; however, the AMT102 can be used independently. During maintenance work, the detector can be locally shut off by using the service mode button. For more information, contact Vaisala, 100 Commerce Way, Woburn MA 01801.

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