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Detergents Designed for Pressure Washers

Landa Water Cleaning Systems has come out with a line of detergents formulated for use with high-pressure cleaning equipment. The 21 blends contain a multi-metal corrosion inhibitor formulation designed to protect pressure washers and automatic parts washers from flash rusting. All of the detergents are biodegradable and include an additive to prevent scale buildup.

Detergents come in 5- and 55-gallon containers with blends engineered for pressure washer and parts washer applications. Formulations include vehicle cleaners, engine degreasers, aluminum brighteners, concrete cleaners, house washing soaps, and kitchen hood-and-vent degreasers.

Two products — TechnoWax and Prism, a rinsing agent — are designed to enhance vehicle appearance. Three products are for for automatic aqueous parts washers, and an environmentally friendly quick-release detergent is for use with wash-water recycling systems. For more details, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

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