Device detects intrusions

GE's Security business has developed and begun field-testing a container security system for maritime shipping. The GE system helps detect unauthorized access to a container and monitors the container in transit for signs of intrusion, which helps manufacturers, customs officials, and importers protect container integrity throughout the supply chain.

This palm-size container security device (CSD) easily fastens without special tools to the door jamb inside any standard maritime container. The cargo's manufacturer uses a wireless handheld device to arm the device with a unique identifier code.

The CSD automatically communicates its status to fixed wireless readers at ports, indicating when and where the container has been opened since it was initially sealed. Customs officials can also inspect the cargo at any time using a special handheld wireless device to arm and disarm the CSD. When the container is delivered, the importer verifies the access record and disarms the CSD prior to opening.

All data is stored and managed through a secure information backbone. Communication between wireless readers and container security devices is encrypted, as are all transaction records.

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