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Diagnostic service tool, PC adapter offered

Eaton has introduced a new hand-held diagnostic service tool and PC adapter targeted to maintenance professionals working with electronically controlled vehicles. The two tools represent the initial product offerings Eaton will provide this year through the Eaton MD Mobile Diagnostics program.

The new Eaton MD-200 series tool is a hand-held device that can simultaneously monitor a host of powertrain components, including engine components, for all makes and models of trucks in North America with SAE J1587 and J1939 data links. Software resides in the tool — there are no cartridges to install or swap — and the tool can perform four diagnostic functions, each accessible with the touch of a button:

  • Scanner: monitors diagnostic messaging from electronic components, reads fault codes, and can record up to 30 seconds of snapshot data for analysis.

  • Comm Box: provides communications from PC to vehicle components, allows simple transition to PC-based tools, and can also be used for J1587 and J1939 communications.

  • Link tester: isolates datalink problems and monitors vehicle component communications on the datalink.

  • Data logger: Records up to one hour of communication link data.

The new Eaton Vehicle Link Adapter, another offering in the MD line, is a microprocessor-based interface for PC-to-vehicle communications. It serves as the primary link between commercial vehicles and Windows-based service applications. Connecting through a PC's serial port, the Vehicle Link Adapter translates J1587, J1708, and J1939 vehicle standards. It is TMC-compatible with RP1210A and RP1202 standards, and supports Windows 95, 98, 200, NT, XP, and ME systems.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

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