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Dieselmatic System Works With Electronic Engines

A new starting fluid system called Dieselmatic NVT has been developed by KBi/Kold-Ban International Ltd. It includes KBi's recently patented valve for starting ECM (electronic control module) engines. Dieselmatic NVT is designed to be controlled through new ECM engines by plugging directly into the “starting fluid” port on an engine's ECM — no separate interface is required. Installation is accomplished in less than one hour.

Dieselmatic NVT is activated during the starting procedure by an engine's ECM. Based upon information such as engine speed and ambient temperature, the ECM can send an activation signal to Dieselmatic NVT. By allowing the ECM to control the activation of the starting fluid into the engine, a more precise delivery of starting fluid can be achieved. Additionally, this automatic feature prevents operator error or abuse.

This system contains all features and benefits of KBi's original automatic Dieselmatic system. The integrated metering orifice and filter have also been re-engineered. In addition, Dieselmatic NVT also has a one-piece encapsulated solenoid for improved environmental protection.

For full details, contact KBi/Kold-Ban, 8390 Pingree Rd, Lake In The Hills IL 60156-9637.

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