Digital fuel control system lets natural gas replace up to 80% of diesel engine fuel needs

Save On Energy Inc has developed a new digital fuel control system for heavy-duty vehicles and stationary diesel engines. This system will allow natural gas to replace up to 80% of a diesel engine's fuel requirements. The system is designed to meter natural gas precisely into the combustion cycle throughout the engine's operating torque and power curves.

Save On has developed and markets a patented, dual-fuel natural gas retrofit system which, when installed on a diesel engine vehicle, permits use of natural gas and diesel fuel together. Operation of the system results in both reduction of pollutants and diesel fuel. The Save system constantly monitors many engine operating parameters and alters the amount of natural gas and diesel fuel based on engine speed and load. No modifications are made to the original engine when converting a vehicle.

This digital fuel control system allows natural gas to be injected into the combustion cycle at engine idle. This process enables the Save On equipment to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other undesirable emissions.

The equipment will be supplied by Save On's subsidiary, Electronic Fuel Control in Atlanta GA.

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