Directory of Shippers Expands for 2001-02

The 2001-2002 edition of The Directory of Shippers, expanded to include intelligence on 15,000 logistics executives, is available from Transportation Technical Services (TTS). Some 3,800 high- and intermediate-volume shippers are included.

This directory reflects company revenues and/or number of persons employed by the firm. Also provided are name and title of outbound decisionmaker, company, address, phone and fax number, plus definitive Standard Industrial Classifications down to the four-digit level. This year's edition also includes more than 3,800 e-mail addresses and 3,300 web sites.

A 1,014-page print copy is $179; a $495 CD-ROM version comes in DBF format compatible with popular software. The user can view, sort, select, and analyze data, plus create personalized letters and mail labels or perform telemarketing. A reference print copy is included with CD-ROM orders. To order, phone 888-ONLY-TTS or access

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